We always wanted to be rock stars, have a band, travel the world playing and offering what we do best, our music. This would include parties, long nights, early risers, a headache and miles of road.
Luckily for many of us we are better at launching a company, we think ;)
If we look for a simile, what is most similar to "playing" in front of our public is offering our products at fairs and markets.
That's why on March 3 and 4 we will be with all our bags in the design market . You will be able to touch them, use them and see some exclusive model that we will carry so that you can give your opinion.
We will also be there, the architects of this beautiful project, answering all your questions, queries and requests. And, obviously, receiving your feedback, we want to continue improving and the best way to do it is knowing what you, our customers, want and think.
If you want one of our bags and you want to come see us on Saturday or Sunday, we will be happy to greet you. In addition, we will not be alone, we will be about 70 stands believing in entrepreneurship and in our projects. Doesn't sound bad right?
do you come?
Any questions we are at hola@minimalism.es
February 28, 2018

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