When we registered for the design market, we were not very clear about what was going to happen.
We know that our product is well received when the customer touches and plays with it, but we had no idea of ​​the possible sales that we could have by physically offering our bags.
As we are very trying, we decided to go with the objective of solving the doubt of whether we would be able to sell physically or if we are only capable of selling online.
We arrived on Friday afternoon to see the venue, like the one who studies the terrain where the next day he plays a game. We measured, prepared and went to rest for the "battle" on Saturday.
Our position was between Cabuya and taty miau , very good people, and great dreamers. A small appendix, the 76 positions that there were were for dreamers/businessmen/self-employed/entrepreneurs/fathers/mothers/families and couples, who believe in their project, who work to achieve it and who are willing to work Saturdays and Sundays to get it off the ground. Perhaps not everyone is willing. We drop it...
To which we are going, Saturday:
To put ourselves in context, our team has a lot of face. In our ranks there are former waiters, former amusement park entertainers (exactly batman), former hostesses, speakers, youtubers, and some other professions in which there is direct contact with the client or the public. But above all, the desire to do things and to make this beautiful brand grow.
Our strategy:
Our team was made up of 3 people, two of them outside the counter and one inside, we rotated. Two were in charge of capturing the most reluctant people to approach the table and the third tried to finish the sale. Always with the product in hand, pulling the strap of the bag every time a customer approached . This gave us a difference over other shopkeepers, we were not sitting looking at the mobile waiting for the customer to come, we went out to show our product, remember, the objective was for the customer to know the bags.
Another difference is that we had cookies. This may seem silly but it is not. We offered cookies to everyone, smiling and giving the option to strike up a conversation. The interaction was something like this:
  • Do you want to try it?
  • Sorry?
  • Don't you feel like a cookie with the aperol you're carrying in your hand?
  • "Sure why not" or "no thanks I just ate".
  • Perfect, look, come a little closer and I'll explain how our wallets work.
The excuse did not matter, the point is that the client had the wallets in his hand. You had to create a conversation, whatever it was.
We refined the process more and more, we repeated the script over and over again analyzing how the person in front of us acted. We got to mechanize it, after 12 hours saying the same thing, we promise you that it is difficult to speak properly, unless you have it totally in your head.
So we were adding sales, soon we exceeded the number that we had set between 25 and 35. And we already had recovered the investment. This type of event costs, on average, €300.
The high point came when Telemadrid was dropped by the market. We went to talk to them to show them the bags and "surprise" they appeared at our stand, we told them the story and they put us on the news. No kidding, here's the proof .
In case you have a brand and you are thinking of going to this type of event, we leave you what we have learned and some consideration that, according to our criteria, you should take into account:
What have we learned from this experience?
  • People want to know who is behind the projects. Face you and talk to you.
  • If you go to this type of event, go with enthusiasm, do not go to be there, show your product, interact, talk to people. It doesn't matter if they buy or not. But give it an option.
  • Use a hook: cookies, magic tricks, fireworks...whatever you want, but catch the eye of the person walking past your booth.
  • Believe in what you do. People smell it and your expression reveals a lot of information. If you don't believe in what you're doing or selling, they'll know.
  • Make contacts with the people around you. Other opportunities always arise from these types of events.
The experience was very good, we sold, we met our customers, we talked to everyone, we proved that the products are well received and we learned again.
We hope to be in May, if anyone wants to come let them know!
Any questions we are available at hola@minimalism.es
We continue!
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March 09, 2018


alma said:

Buenas tardes.
Me gustaría que me contaseis que tan dificil os resulto acceder a un puesto en el mercado de diseño de matadero de Madrid.

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