Hello hello, another quarter has passed and every day we are more convinced of what we do and how we do it. 3 months of 100% remote work from 10 different countries and making the company continue to grow in billing and as a brand. We are going to start by showing all the numbers for this quarter and at the end of the post, as always, we will give you a summary with the highlights. Remember that you can see our billing, conversion and traffic data from HERE .

THE NUMBERS, from April 1 to June 30

traffic :

  • 107,435 total visits
  • 89,396 unique visits
  • 15,483 visits to the blog
  • 61.15% rebound
  • 1min:05 secs average duration of the visit
  • 86.76% of traffic is from smartphones

Orders and conversions:

  • 1008 orders through our ecommerce
  • 355 orders through Amazon
  • Our online store had a conversion of 1.12% from unique visit to purchase
  • 7.35% of customers have bought again
  • We have sold 2,295 products online through our online sales channels (website and Amazon)

Billing and investment:

  • The total turnover* joining all the sales channels is €42,921.96
  • The average online income per cart is €29.56
  • We have made an investment in marketing of €18,316.19

* Note that this is billing, not profit.


In terms of numbers, it has been a very similar quarter to the previous one. Even so, there are 3 relevant data to take into account:

  • Sales on Amazon do not stop growing organically. The positioning work and the good reviews are making us grow a minimum of 10% per month since February.
  • We maintain the conversion level, neither going up nor down from 1%. We are working on the web, landings, photos and texts to return to the conversion levels of months ago.
  • We increase the average ticket and the number of products that go per order. This is a direct consequence of thelaunch of the packs of t-shirts, bags and backpacks . We make the client save a minimum of 20% and buy responsibly. We have gone from an average cart in February of €22 to one of €32 in June. Consequence, it is good for Minimalism, it is good for our client and the footprint we leave in transport is less when more products go in the same order.

Without a doubt , the big change this quarter is that we have started to sell clothes, basic t-shirts . A basic, useful, quality product, responsibly manufactured and 100% organic cotton. It has not been just any decision, as we explain in this post , and it marks the path of Minimalism for everything to come. Between now and the end of this year we have prepared many novelties and new products that will give full meaning to the work carried out in recent months.

The second big decision has been to move Minimalism away from hyperconsumption and seasonal fashion. Quality, useful and durable products that you can also buy responsibly through packs. For us, selling in packs is the best way to make the company sustainable by transmitting our values ​​as a brand. Buy at once all the t-shirts you need for the whole week, for the whole month and for the whole year without having to spend a lot of money and knowing that you are buying quality.

From the end of February until today we started working 100% remotely from 10 different countries, putting into practice what is obvious to us, working from anywhere being responsible and using tools to be productive and be able to communicate on a day-to-day basis. In this post we make a good summary of the good and the bad that we have experienced. If we have realized something during these months, it is that for us being relocated makes us happier, more productive and that radically improves Minimalism.

They now expect 3 months of work to consolidate the entire brand message and continue to improve the numbers. Surprises are coming.

If you have doubts or want to ask us something, you can write to us at hola@minimalism.es, we usually answer within 24 hours.

July 04, 2019 — Victor Rodado


Puerto said:

Muy interesante todo y os sigo pero. Olmo dice el otro compañero no veo l rentabilidad a no ser que los sueldos sean de monedas del monopoli 🙂🙂🙂… sería interesante ver cómo lo hacéis … gracias y no paréis de luchar y comentarlo con todos .. un saludo

Minimalism said:

Buenas Adrián! si la empresa es rentable. De todas formas haremos un post sobre rentabilidad que seguro trae movimiento.

Un saludo!
Equipo Minimalism

Adrián said:


os sigo desde el principio de minimalism, y admiro vuestra gestión. Mi pregunta es directa y basada en los datos de facturación y gasto en MK que indicáis, a falta del resto de gastos y aún suponiendo margenes de 3 cifras, ¿a día de hoy la empresa es rentable?

Un saludo

ivan said:

Enhorabuena por este post de transparencia, enorme Victor.

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