This is without a doubt our most risky, epic and funniest post. Since Minimalism Brand began, we have given almost all the "sensitive" data of the company: billing, number of orders, best-selling portfolios, visits to the web, conversion percentages, etc. ( Here are the ones from last quarter ). After 7 months we can say that everything has been good news, the posts are very well received and many people write to us to thank us for what we do.

Before reading on, would you be able to make all your business data public on a regular basis? Surely without thinking you say "No". But what if you think twice? We would love this post to also help you reflect on your company.


  • Do things differently . We are a small fashion e-commerce, how many are similar? We are not too attracted to doing things the way everyone else does, and we want you to know at all times who you buy our products from. We have been inspired by companies like Buffer , blogs like Tomás Santoro's from Suma CRM and newsletters like David Bonilla 's. Chapeau to all of them, it is not easy to do what they do.
  • Count the beautiful, but also the ugly. We want to set up the company with you, we want to do it that way and let you see what goes well and what goes wrong. Not everything is beautiful in this business, in our opinion it is just as important to count the successes as the failures.
  • Loyalty customers. We are creating a brand, with values ​​and a specific way of living life. We want people who identify with transparency, honesty and minimalism. We have not found a better way to transmit our values ​​than telling everything we do and why. Plus, it's a good way to take care of our customer base.


  • Our competitors will know almost everything. We know that by doing this we expose ourselves a lot, both in the good and the bad. We are giving a lot of information that can sometimes be very valuable to our competitors. Of course, we took 7 months out of them :)
  • If it goes wrong, everyone will know. A failure can usually be covered in one way or another but in our case we go to the end with everything. We hope not to count the absolute failure but we are open to it.
  • If we go out to ask for financing, "tricks" are not worth it. All our data is public and will be seen by our potential investors and banks.

There are people who have already constructively criticized this model, we understand it but we do not agree. Why don't we tell what we do and how we do it? Anyone can learn from our experience, and we are managing to reach places that seemed almost impossible to us.

This is definitely what excites us and is the best way to communicate what we are. That is why we have created a dashboard where you can see live the evolution of our main metrics over time.

(It is paid per tweet, so the content will reach more people)

All the metrics shown are from our online store:

- Total income (day, week, month).

- Income by acquisition channels (Social, Seo, Direct).

- Total customer history and new customers.

- Volume of orders (day, week, month).

- Conversion of user to payment (day, week, month).

- All web traffic, bounce rate, average duration of the session, etc (day, week, month).

- Graph with the orders of the last 30 days.

- Graph with the evolution of web traffic (day, week, month).

What do you think? Do you miss any metric?

Any questions we are in the mail
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April 17, 2018 — Pepe Martín Garcia


Josep said:

Hola, he visto la clase de TPMB y me gustaría disponer de la Excel que comenta Victor en el video. Por favor, podrían enviármela? me interesa mucho :-D



Me interesaría tenee el Excel por favor muchas gracias

Victor Minguela said:

I love this brand and its products. That is why it was such a bad feeling to receive the Green 360 Backpack with a broken zipper. The backpack still works fine, and support was very helpful. But I did not want to pack and send this backpack over, and get a new one just for that, too much trouble. Hopefully if I purchase something else from Minimalism Brand, will arrive with no issues.

Diego said:

Hola!! Me encanta la mochila y la cartera, sin duda las compraría. Por otra parte, sin querer faltar a nadie, las camisetas básicas me parecen algo caras (es solo mi opinión como consumidor de ropa básica). Otra cosa, en la página de las camisetas ordenaría los packs de menos a más camisetas (es mucho más visual). Ahora mismo estña 1, 2 , 5, 3 (entiendo que se os colado el 5 antes del 3). Suerte!!
PD: La mochila me la llevo

Cesar said:

Estaría genial que produjeseis carteras veganas o que !creaseis vuestro propio bosque en España!

Zane said:

It’s a great product and such a cool design. I bought it as a present for my bf and he loves it. Thanks

Gabriel said:

Pues por pedir… Una gráfica con lo invertido en publi ;)

Sergi said:

FANTÁSTICO!!!! Contentísimo con los valores y con el producto! Llevar cartera era un suplicio para mi. Ahora, estoy más feliz que un perdiz con mi mini-cartera!

Pedro said:

Enhorabuena por el post y por los valores que tenéis. ¡Ese es el camino! Nostros en Keepler tambien creemos en esta forma de pensar y hemos empezado con nuestra calculadora salarial como forma de generar transparencia:
Good luck!!

Javier Arnáiz said:

¡ole vosotros! desde luego este es el camino :)
Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo de prepararlo y comunicarlo

Minimalism Brand S.L said:

Buenas Héctor, creo que es un malentendido ;) nuestros materiales vienen de China y ensamblamos en España en Becerril de la Sierra. Tu pedido no se ha movido de España en ningún momento, no sabemos dónde has visto lo de Rumanía ;) El retraso se debe a que Correos está tardando más de lo deseado con los pedidos con envío gratis. Sentimos la demora. Saludos! Paula

Hector said:

Lo que no dicen es que el producto viene desde Rumania. Compre una hace mas de una semana y no me llega , miro el estado y dice que ha salido ya de Rumania.
Generando poco empleo en España …………


¡Enhorabuena chicos! Ya lo que ponéis aporta mucho valor y, espero, la gente os lo sabrá agradecer.

Como pedís cosas que se echen en falta, os doy algo de feedback: me encantaría saber el coste de adquisición por cada cliente, para saber que canales de tracción son más rentables. Eso sería ¡caviar! :P

Un abrazo y ¡ánimo!

Tomas said:

Acojonante nivel de #transparencia!!! Merece la pena el paywithatuit para ver el dashboard:. Me hace muchísima ilusión que en @SumaCRM seamos parte de este viaje (todos en @SumaCRM pensamos igual) y el post de @minimalismbrand me/nos inspira a darle más caña este año!! Gracias @pepemuerevacio & @rodadofrutos y resto de @minimalismbrand

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