For us, data is something vital, we know how many visits we have per day, how many of those visits we convert, how much we invest in advertising, where the traffic comes from... in short, we know everything or almost everything.
If you have studied something about digital marketing, the term "Sales Funnel" will resonate in your head, which to summarize it would be something like: The evolution of the total number of people who enter your business and its decrease as it progresses in the purchase process . For example, we on the web last quarter had 33,000 visits of which 900 customers bought. Something like a 3.5% conversion. It is approximate, yes. You have all the data for Q1 here .
The question was: could we create a sales funnel for an event where we would sell the bags physically? The answer is clear, we don't know if it can be done, but we are going to try. And from there comes the experiment that we carried out in the design market on April 8 and 9.
Our main activity at a fair is to present the product to the people who come to it. We know that handbags are cool, that's why we show them every time we have an opportunity. And we are good at showing the product and chatting with customers. The team we have is made up of "trileros", this term was used by the organization to define us and we love it.
For this reason, every time someone approached our stand, one of the team members said the phrase: " Hello! Do you want me to explain what it is, or how it works?" with that we got the customer to see the product and understand it. Second level of the funnel achieved, understanding the first as the 40,000 people who, according to the organization, attend the event between the public that stays in the part of the exhibitors outside and those inside, where we were.
If we make a quick calculation, I insist, it is not exact, the members of the team said the famous phrase to potential clients at least once a minute. If we take this data to a total per day and eliminate the peaks of more and less influx of people to the fair, we get some approximate data of:
1 phrase per minute X 60 minutes X 11 hours the market is open = 660 hits/day
Being 2.5 members in the team on average per day (sometimes we were 2 and others 3) = 1650 impacts/day
For two days: 3,300 impacts or potential customers who have touched the product.
Summary to make your job easier:
About 40,000 people go to the slaughterhouse, 50% go for a walk with children, to meet the love of their life, to drink beers, to eat at the foodtracks or all of this at the same time, so we discard them. Of those 20,000 remaining, some 8,000 end up entering the interior zone. Half of those 8,000 come to our stand. And of those 4,000, a few escape us while we look at our mobile phones, eat something, drink a beer or chat with the stalls next door Hipsterkids and Evanaytia
To those 3,300 potential customers who come to see our product, we say the second sentence:
"Look, it's a wallet, in the upper part you have the cards you use the most, credit cards and transport passes. In the back the ones you use a little less, driver's license, ID, social security. And here a small space for 3 or 4 coins. The idea is to take the concept of a wallet to a minimum. Do you want to try it?"
Many say no, others come a little closer and some look impressed. Of those 3,300, 50% show real interest in the product, either for themselves or for an acquaintance, friend, partner... finishing the last level of the funnel with the sale, reducing it to a number between 200 and 300 orders throughout the weekend.
As data we obtain that approximately the % of conversion is:
3% calculating it on the 8000 people that we believe have entered the interior exhibitors. Coincidence, or not, similar to the one we have online.
We like to measure but above all we like to interact with people who already have our product or who try it. In the end, you are the ones who use it, that's why we are always listening to you.
Thank you for continuing to be part of this family, every day we are more and we will do everything possible to continue growing. Special mention to Rocío and Patri for the great work of the weekend.
Any questions we are in the mail
April 10, 2018

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