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There are many of you who tag us in your stories on Instagram or write to us commenting on what you like about our products. We also have some incidence but they are very few compared to the rest of the messages, thanks ;)

We have been thinking for a while about how to make those messages or ratings not only benefit us and can also benefit you.

Thus, We have created an affiliate program.

It's very simple, you generate a personalized link that you can share with your friends or followers and for each sale that comes from that link you will receive 10% of the total to consume in your next order.

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For example, if someone spends €50 through your link, you will receive €5 in your account that you can redeem for the next order.

As you know in Minimalism we do not do discounts . The price is fair both for you and for us. But we think it might make sense that you would benefit, in some way, from recommending what we do.

PS: If you don't want to participate in the program there is no problem, leaving us a review at the end of each product would be enough ;)

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June 15, 2020 — Victor Rodado


manuel alvarez said:

buenas tardes, acabo de activarme como afiliado de vuestra marca y rogaria me enviarais un cupon para compartir con mis seguidores.Gracias y un saludo.

Eduardo said:

hola que software estan usando para llevar el control de clientes en el programa de referidos

Enrique José said:

He entrado en vuestra web con la intención de comprarle ropa interior de calidad a mi mujer, pero parece ser que no tenéis ropa interior adaptada a personas que usen mas allá de una xl. ¿tenéis pensado llegar mas allá de la xl?

Juan Antonio Pestaña said:

Hola profe (sorpresa) estoy haciendo el Power Digital Marketing :)
Tengo una revista digital www.dcara.es y me gustaría participar en esta iniciativa de afiliados. ¿Es posible, verdad?

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