Honestly, as I write this, I don't know if we have managed to convey what we are and want to be as a brand in each of the publications we make , or if all our clients know our history or even if they are interested... But we have months working our brand to be able to lay the foundations of whatminimalism is.

Growing as a brand is absolutely necessary for any ecommerce, otherwise you will be a mere product bought in a process of several seconds in which the customer will forget you . We try, unsuccessfully many times, to explain what minimalism is and why we have created this brand .

Why invest in brand? Easy. Why do you buy a product you like: because of the brand? why does the brand make you feel? Because of the history behind it? Because it belongs to a community? Because of the durability of your products? For security?...

To answer these questions we focus on more questions. The whole team does these to us every so often in EVERYTHING that surrounds the brand , from publications on social networks, to blog posts, to creatives, to the web, to post-sale... EVERYTHING is the brand. The fact that we are working on them does not mean that we always manage to transmit them, thanks to all of you who give us your feedback every day ;)

These are the questions that we try to solve and transmit, maybe you can apply it to your company.

  • Why are you in this business?

We have it clear. We want to create a transparent brand of clothing and basic accessories , whose production is sustainable, timeless and that dresses all those people who do not feel represented by brands.

  • What can you do that no one else can?

We want to tell how the company was created from scratch . Telling the good and the bad. Our daily turnover and our shit. We would love for other businesses to be transparent but very few, if any, are.

  • What is your ultimate goal as a brand or company?

We want to dress all those people who are not identified with brands . That he does not believe in seasonal fashion or fast fashion and that he buys in a responsible and conscious way.

  • How do you make your customer feel throughout the purchase process?

We want, we don't always get it, for the customer to feel that they are buying something useful for their day-to-day life, of good quality, with consistent production and at a consistent price.

  • What effect will your business have on the future?

We hope that every day more people realize that the way of consuming (seasonal, low quality and low cost) is not sustainable. We hope that customers consistently buy what they really need and we can offer it to them.

  • What if you weren't in business?

20,000 customers would have bought from other brands with which they may not share values ​​or have never thought about the mission or values ​​of the company where they buy. Here, it also crosses our minds to answer NOTHING, we hope to continue growing to eliminate that nothing.

  • What do the members of the team believe in?

We believe in consuming responsibly, questioning everything around us and being fair. Also in creating a company working remotely and living a life that we feel proud of.

  • How do you show what you believe?

We try to make minimalism an extension of ourselves . Both in the way of creating businesses, and in the way of buying, selling, working and owning what we really need for our day to day. Each of these variables, we try, is reflected in our brand.

  • How are you going to do better than others?

This point is difficult. There are many people doing it well, in fact there are brands with which we feel represented ( Patagonia , Pompeii , Muroexe , Lefrik , trendsplant) . But we believe that we have a place in the market, reaching an audience that wants basic, useful, durable fashion that is 100% transparent.

  • Why you and why now?

We love this copy: "We couldn't find a 100% transparent brand that made useful, basic and responsible fashion. That's why we created Minimalism." We are here to do business differently, neither better nor worse, just our way. It's time, there was no other ;)

We ask ourselves these questions every day. That does not mean that we always manage to convey what we are as a brand . But we promise we are working hard on it.

If you have a business, a small company or you are self-employed, try to answer these questions on paper, surely you will learn something about your business, your team and yourself. You can also do the exercise with your team, in fact, we would love for you to give us your feedback or complete it with more questions.

We continue to invest in the brand and grow thanks to you. We hope this post is useful.

Any questions you can write to us at hola@minimalism.es, share it with a friend or sign up for the newsletter, interesting things are coming, let us know.

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May 30, 2019


Carlos said:

Creo que este post es una idea genial para que un consumidor conozca a quién está consumiendo y porque.
Me encanta ver qué tenéis claro vuestro target y confiáis en vuestros principios. Tendréis un camino más largo y a paso lento, pero la huella será impecable. Seguid así.

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