In today's interview we bring you Nacho Ormeño, co-founder and CEO, and Carlos de Otto, VP Dealflow.
We talked about how crowd equity is becoming a more effective alternative every day for many startups that are raising capital.
We talk about:
- Years of life of the project.
- Number of companies invested.
- Failures and exist.
- Invest in startups without being a professional investor.
- What you should know if you want to use startupexplore for your project.
September 28, 2021 — Pepe Martín Garcia


Nacho DR said:

Grande la intro del Casio, una mejora total y top las notificaciones de Slack…(para focalizar tu atención Rodado Son muy útiles los modelos de crowdfunding…por propia experiencia, muy guapo conocer el modelo de startupexplore desde las tripas. Esperando el siguente de la temporada!

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