Yes, it's already here. We present our/your fourth product: the Minimalist backpack . After 5 months of work we have created a product designed for everyone. It is perfect for the city whether walking, cycling or motorcycle. For your day-to-day work and as a supplementary backpack on any of your trips (it rolls up and is attached to a suitcase).

We have promoted minimalist design, functionality in the urban environment and comfort. With its 20-litre capacity, we launched a sack-style backpack that can be made large or small depending on the need you have at that moment.

Made with waterproof fabric and heat-sealed zipper . The interior is fully padded to carry a 16-inch computer . Elastic pockets on the sides to maintain symmetry and utility. Two grids inside for quick access to smaller items without having to rummage through. We use light foam again to make the back strap handles , and we put a small pocket on the left handle for keys, music headphones or a card.

I insist, we have combined functionality and minimalist design.

We have achieved the perfect balance between quality and manufacturing cost . The clasp, the rope that closes the backpack and the zipper are of the highest possible quality. The fabric with which the entire backpack is made is pleasant to the touch and resistant to dust and water, it also makes it really light. This balance means that we can sell it at €45 VAT included with free shipping in Spain (Peninsula) and Portugal . Very very fair price considering the quality and design. You have a backpack for several years.

We continue with our clear objective of having a complete collection of useful, high-quality and timeless basic garments and urban accessories . In the following weeks we are going to consolidate this, surprises are coming. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the first access to the releases and limited editions that will come in the coming weeks

September 11, 2019

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