Hello! Today we want to explain something important to you:

Why at Minimalism we don't do sales, Black Friday, or discounts and we don't apply “dark” techniques that we all know? ⤵

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A few weeks ago we were at an event with various brands talking about Black Friday and sales. Together with the friends of Zapato Feroz, we position ourselves against it. Other brands, also friends, positioned themselves in favor, explaining what actions they would carry out on Black Friday and how they hoped to achieve 30-40% of their annual sales in the month of November.

At these events, but also on Twitter, shop windows or marketplaces, we hear phrases like:

- “We would love not to do BF, but we can't do it”
- "We would love not to make sales but our customers are waiting for it"
- “We want not to do it but…”
- “Maybe this is the year, but…”

Well, we don't want to do it and we don't.

It's simple. We prefer to explain to customers (thank you if you are already a customer) why the price of our products is the same on sales, at Christmas or on Black Friday.


Our price is fair for the entire value chain. It is fair for the company that produces organic cotton and recycled polyester, for the company that transports it, for the factory that weaves, inks, cuts, sews, irons... for you and for us, who benefit from all this process.

The price is fair. Altering it would imply breaking any of the fundamental links in the value chain of our business. If this chain is broken, the balance is lost and nothing we say or do would make sense.

And therein lies our no Black Friday positioning:

We don't want to play games with our customers.

We want people to be aware of what they buy and how they buy. We want you to know that the price of our products will be the same tomorrow, the day after or in 6 months (unless we have to raise prices on some products as we already communicated on our networks months ago ).

We don't want to play with "special" offers, shipping costs included 24 hours, second order at 50% or 10% discount if you sign up for the Newsletter... No, we don't play that, we don't think it's fair.

The customer wants to be treated consistently, they don't want to be trifled with. The client wants things explained to him and wants a reason to decide, trust and buy a brand or company (whatever it is). Is it consistent to enter a website on a Monday and see a price of XXX€ and enter a Friday and see a 60% discount? How would you feel if you were the client who previously trusted?

We will not make sales, we will not make Black Friday, we will not make offers.

There are only two ways to “save” a few euros in Minimalism: buy in packs minimizing the carbon footprint of your order or taking advantage of one of the pre-sales ( we started shipping the backpacks this week , thanks for your trust).

There is a phrase that is not ours but that we say a lot: "If your principles do not cost you money, they are just ideas." If as a brand or company you want to do Black Friday, sales, or whatever you can think of, do sales (it would be less), but do not say that you would love not to have to do them because if you wanted to you would have already found a way to do it.

We always give the responsibility to the client and say that "the change" must come from them, and perhaps it must also come from the companies.





November 14, 2022 — Jesús Castillejo


Manuel said:


Acabo de conocer vuestra empresa a través de un podcast de Runnea ( fantástico programa, a mi me ayuda para trabajar jejeje)
Me encanta vuestra filosofía y sobre todo que no hagáis Black Friday…comprar lo que necesitamos…Mis proximas camisetas serán vuestras…lo prometo

Gracias por vuestra claridad de ideas y compromiso

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