How are you? In this post we want to talk to you about the exclusive collection that Granini has launched and that they are raffling on networks ( spoiler: we have made the sweatshirts with a lot of love ❤️ )


At the end of the post you will find the interview with Albaricoque, a Spanish artist who has generated this illustration for the sweatshirts.

On October 26 we created a file in Notion (software that we use internally to document everything we do in the company) entitled " Granini and Minimalism " and continued with the following text by Pepe: " I'll tell you! I've talked to people from Socialmood and they want to propose Minimalism as a brand to make some sweatshirts with Granini. "

For those of you who don't know, Socialmood is a digital-creative-agency very similar to ours, very Another way to do it. For example, your website is now based on a very disruptive technology known as Portable Document Format, a PDF haha ​​We are big fans, we have been subscribed to your newsletter for about 8 years 😂 And why did you think of us? Well, we had already worked with them making some personalized sweatshirts for their team. They were great. If you also want personalized garments for your company, contact us here .

What's so special about the sweatshirt?

Beyond the Minimalism quality hehe 😉, the sweatshirts have an illustration of the great Apricot @albaricoque_acg ❤️ We had wanted to work with her for a long time, so when they told us that she was going to be in charge of the illustration, it made us very happy delusion. We wanted to interview her to understand who is behind it and what she wanted to communicate:


Good Alba, how are you? First of all, let me tell you that at Minimalism we are big fans of what you do, but in case someone reading this interview doesn't know you yet, could you tell them who "Albaricoque" is?

Hello! All good and very happy to have been able to participate in this collaboration with Granini and Minimalism. Apricot is a girl who has always liked to draw, and when she had to decide what to do with her life, she decided to choose the path of graphic design but knowing that illustration was going to be very present in her life, so much so that He exercises it as a job today even though he combines both disciplines. Apricot doesn't really come from anywhere. I had to put a user the day I made an insta and the Alba of the past found it funny.

    In relation to this collaboration, what challenge did Granini pose to you? What did you think when they contacted you?

    The challenge was to try to reach the public by explaining that some fruits, despite their not-so-attractive appearance, are just as valid and just as tasty. This, in general, is something that should be promoted more because it is true that we are becoming very exquisite and people should know that just because a fruit does not have a perfect shape, nothing happens. And I thought I would be excited to be able to tell it because I think so too.

    Did they set some guidelines for you? Are you happy with the final result?

    The guidelines were more or less clear, I used few colors and vectorial drawing, but for me it was a challenge because I don't usually use color in a flat way, although I liked taking on the challenge and I'm happy with the final result.

    On a personal level, what are your next challenges ?

    Right now I am waiting to launch a book that I have been working on since September. On a personal level, I need to learn to disconnect and know when to stop and listen more to my body because we live in a frenzy that will end up taking its toll on many

    Sweeping a little for home, did you know Minimalism? what do you think of minimalism? Do you apply it in your day to day ?

    No, I didn't know him; but I think it is a trend that I have gradually incorporated into myself trying to keep it more present and being more aware of not consuming or having more than I need. I'm trying to be very careful with each new thing I buy asking myself if I need it and I'm going to use it because in the end, a bit like in fight club: "we buy shit we don't need". Being bombarded with information and offers does not help but I am doing my best to internalize it little by little.

    To finish, we know that you published a very cool book with concepts that your community posed to you entitled "The questions that unite us". Apart from your book hehe, what reading would you recommend us?

    I am very glad that you liked the book and I hope more people are interested and take a look at it. My last reading was "It's okay if you don't like girls" by Miguel Ángel Cajigal @elbarroquista . He is an art historian and in the book he encourages everyone to be able to enjoy art without prejudice and without entering into value judgments by saying that a work is better or worse and trying not to need to know about art to be able to enjoy it, making be an ecosystem a little less cheesy than it has been until today and open it up to anyone who wants to enjoy it without further ado.

    The hoodies are being raffled off by Granini 🍊❤️ on networks. We leave you a link in case you want to participate .

    March 11, 2022

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