Today we are opening.

A few weeks ago we asked you to help us design the two backpacks that you would like to have in your lives based on the backpacks that we have been selling for two years.

After about 6 months of work today we launch them for presale.

To design and manufacture them we have taken into account the following:

  • The comments you have made to us during these two years in which we have sold about 1,500 units.
  • The ideas that you have thrown at us in the process of co-creating two new products.

And this has been the consequence.

We improve our current models and fulfill all your "requests":

  • Made with recycled and certified materials. Recycled plastic bottles.
  • 100% waterproof with heat-sealed seams.
  • Light and useful for day to day.
  • Elegant, minimalist and unisex design.
  • Laptop space separate from the main compartment.

Today we launch it for presale (with a slight offer). They will be delivered from January 10.

This is the new 360 backpack:

This is the Slim Minimalism backpack:

December 14, 2020

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