After exactly 19 months we have come this far, the day that Minimalism takes a leap to an unknown place. We've spent many weeks talking about what we want to be, how we want to do it and what the goal of all this is... it's time to step on the accelerator and tell you about some things we've been working on for months.

On Wednesday, April 10, we stopped being a company of handbags and backpacks to be a company of clothing and accessories . We are going to launch new products that meet our 4 main premises: comfortable, useful, quality and in which the logo-brand is not the protagonist . Honestly, and everyone is free to do and use what they want, we don't like product designs where the brand logo is huge. We don't need to wear a brand to be this or that, we don't need it to belong to something. We feel free without being marked.


We launched our first wearable product, and it won't be the last. We have spent time, since December, testing and designing it until we have achieved the right balance between comfort and quality. It will be 100% organic , both the product and the packaging that will arrive at your home, it seems obvious to us to take this step towards sustainability.

On Wednesday, April 10, we will open a private sale for 24 hours to all subscribers of our blog . We want to reward the entire community that has been giving us joy since the beginning. We have manufactured quite a few units of the new products, we have no idea if they will be sold out or not, in a few days we will know.

On Thursday, April 11, we will open it to the global public on our website, as we have always done.


And this will continue for the next few months until we have a fairly complete clothing line. We want you to know when you buy a basic item of clothing (sweatshirt, t-shirt, jacket, pants, jumper, etc ) that you are buying a high-quality product, manufactured in a sustainable way and at a fair price. It can be done, without cheating anyone and being profitable. We are going to do it and we are going to tell you about it.

We want to dress all those people who do not feel represented by brands or by almost anything, who do not need to stand out because of the shirt or jacket they are wearing and who do not need a brand to be accepted . In addition, organic and quality does not have to be extremely expensive, it has to be, without more, we have no other choice.

Along with the launch of the new product comes the launch of our Minimalism packs , a way to buy our products at lower prices. We will also release them on Wednesday April 10th to subscribers only.

Welcome to the future of Minimalism and thanks for reading this far!

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April 08, 2019


Juanma Carracedo Viu said:

Donde vais a fabricar o habeis fabricado estas prendas??? geograficamente hablando….
Saludos y gracias.

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