This year we have decided to go one step further. Following our "Don't buy if you don't need it" campaign, this Black Friday you won't be able to buy on our website if you don't share our purpose.

We want you to be a key part of the solution, so during this Friday, November 27, you will not be able to buy at Minimalism if, in return, you do not donate those clothes that you do not wear.

We will activate the mandatory Zero Textile Residue option when choosing the type of shipment. That means that the delivery man who delivers your order will also take a half kilo bag with those clothes that you no longer need. During that day we will assume that extra cost and this service will not cost you anything. Important, this will only be available for shipments to the Peninsula.

This is our way of participating, doing just the opposite of what the consumer industry proposes. The day in which there are more impulse purchases of the year, we want to put some sanity on it. We are committed to conscious, responsible purchasing and to giving a second life to those forgotten clothes that you have in your closet.

In this post about our Zero Textile Residue project , we explain the service and how we give your garments a second life.

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November 27, 2020


Inmaculada said:

Me parece una gran iniciativa, comparto vuestra visión de consumo, estoy empezando a vender lo que no uso o donarlo, a comprar de segunda mano. Ahora visitaré vuestra tienda para las compras e Navidad, con coherencia, y lo compartiré para que seamos más cuidando de nuestro planeta. Gracias

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