From Minimalism we think that the companies of the present must also take care of that clothing that we sell and that in the future will be waste. We must also take care of those clothes that the client is stopping using for buying from us. That's why our RTC project exists. Here below you can see the video:

Today, once again, we take another step.

Since November of last year, any customer who wants can take advantage of an order in our store to recycle those clothes that they do not use. A very simple but really necessary service. We launch our RTC certificate to everyone who wants a real change. It will be public and free for anyone who wants it, and very easy to implement on your website and in your logistics processes.

We have learned, together with the Recumadrid team, to carry out this management from start to finish so that the client, the brands and the planet go in the same direction. On this website you can apply and learn more . For now we will only be able to help brands that send orders from the Community of Madrid and some areas of Catalonia. Hopefully soon it can be for all of Spain.

Thank you very much for reading!

April 12, 2021 — Victor Rodado


Flores Sánchez said:

Gran idea, cómoda para el cliente y muy beneficiosa para todos.

Maria Luisa said:

Como formadora de RSC y Logística Inversa, mi mayor enhorabuena por este proyecto.

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