We present you the Minimalism bag, created by hand. Comfortable, useful and small. Designed for those of us who do not want to carry large and boring handbags. Pull the tab to remove your cards, it's that simple.

the smallest minimalism wallet in the world manufactured by minimalism brand

The most comfortable minimalist wallet ever created

We launched the Minimalism portfolio on the market. This is one of the smallest and most comfortable minimalist wallets ever created. Bills, coins and cards fit into a very small space. This minimalist wallet will take up almost no space in your bag or pocket. You can use it as a wallet since several bills enter without the risk of them being lost. You can also use it as a minimalist wallet with a purse , they fit 5-7 coins that are safe thanks to the elastic fabric that covers the wallet. Inside the Minimalism wallet you can have between 10 and 12 cards.

How are Minimalism wallets used?

You put 3-5 cards in each of the two compartments that the wallet has. Then you place the bills where it is most comfortable for you and the coins in the small pocket on the outside. Pull the fabric and the cards will come out on their own.

How are our minimalist wallets made?

We do not use animals, for us it is obvious and necessary. The wallet has a strip of fabric and leatherette finishes/rivets. The entire Minimalism wallet is covered in a stretchy fabric that keeps everything covered and secure.

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