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Do you know that this person is part of the Minimalism community, but you don't know what color sweatshirt they prefer or if they need a black t-shirt or a Medium Pack more? Gift cards are the best option.

Select the amount and we will send you an email. In this email you will find the code for the value of your purchase. This code is the one you have to send to that special person. You can exchange it for any of our sustainable product-packs.

Why is the card only digital?
At Minimalism we always seek the least impact for the planet. We believe that a digital gift card covers the same function as a physical one and avoids the release of CO2 emissions to the planet.
Shipping and returns

Free express shipping from €60*. Free size changes in the Peninsula and Portugal.

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Cost breakdown

Material and manufacturing costs:

Logistics and packaging costs:

Gross profit: , from which all salary, marketing and tax expenses should be subtracted

Conscious manufacturing

We manufacture our garments with organic cotton and recycled polyester in Spain and Portugal, respecting the environment and enhancing their quality and durability.