"Libre" T-shirt · Man [Illustration 72kilos]



We have teamed up with Declarando to portray the reality, good and bad, that comes with being self-employed in Spain.

You are not going to have a boss or schedules, you are going to be free but you are going to have to surf, you are going to have to learn to manage your professional and personal life, you are going to row between chaos and uncertainty, you are going to learn to weather the storm against the wind and tide.

We bring together satire, reality, humor, design and minimalism in this time capsule under the name: "Declare yourself free".

We are free, optimistic, we don't have bosses, they fry us with taxes, we don't get sick, we don't have schedules... in short, we are autonomous.

❤️ Illustration made by 72kilos ❤️


Unisex 100% organic cotton t-shirt. Made in Portugal. No logos or brands.

  • High-quality 180-gram 100% combed cotton
  • Easy ironing
  • Recommended washing at 30°C
  • Comfort, durability, quality and utility for day to day
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We manufacture our products with organic cotton and recycled polyester in Spain and Portugal, respecting the environment and enhancing their quality and durability.