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Minimalist Organic Cotton Clothing for Men

Minimalism Brand was born in 2017 with the aim of offering sustainable, durable clothing, made with organic fabrics and recycled fabrics at an affordable and fair price for the entire value chain. At Minimalism we work to offer you all the everyday essentials, made with the best raw materials, such as organic cotton with OCS 100 certification. We manufacture all our organic and recycled garments in Europe, between Portugal and Spain. Currently our most popular sustainable products are organic cotton t-shirts , organic socks , ecological men's underwear and sustainable women's underwear . Our regular buyers are delighted with Minimalism as we are able to offer the most affordable price in the sustainable clothing sector thanks to our savings packs for men and women .

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Difference between organic cotton and normal cotton

Are there differences between organic cotton and generic cotton? The answer itself. There are many differences between cotton grown and treated sustainably, cotton that has not followed organic farming processes, and cotton that is certified organic, such as the one we use at Minimalism . The main difference is that by using organic cotton we considerably reduce the consumption of water, energy, natural resources and waste for the planet. At Minimalism we go further and all the dyes used in our organic fabrics are sustainable dyes with low impact on the environment.

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In addition to organic cotton, do you use recycled fabrics in your clothing and accessories?

Although organic cotton is the main fabric in our garments, such as t-shirts , briefs , socks or women's underwear , we also use recycled fabrics in other garments. We use recycled merino wool in our sweaters to produce a premium quality product. And our minimalist backpacks are made from recycled polyester to create a durable, sustainable and stylish product. By using recycled plastic we manage to generate environmentally sustainable backpacks .