Basic Package

€172.50 €218.50


Basic Pack — Start with Minimalism. The first step to make your wardrobe sustainable and conscious

Hooded Sweatshirt + Minimalism Sweatshirt

  • 100% combed organic cotton of 350 grams. Made in Portugal
  • does not make balls
  • 100% certified organic cotton.

x2 Minimalism T-shirts

  • 100% combed organic cotton of 180 grams. Made in Portugal
  • Easy ironing
  • 100% certified organic cotton.

x3 Boxers

  • 100% combed organic cotton of 180 grams. Made in Portugal
  • Comfort, durability, quality and utility for day to day
  • 100% certified organic cotton.

x3 Socks

  • 80% certified organic cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane
  • Embroidered toe cap for increased durability
  • One size: 40 - 45. It adapts to each type of foot
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    Low environmental impact of this garment

    Elegir este pack Minimalism, que consta de prendas fabricadas con algodón orgánico, en lugar de prendas genéricas supone ahorrar:

    - 13,8 kg de emisiones de CO2
    - 5.700 litros de agua
    - 39,7 kWh de energía

    Datos de sostenibilidad auditados por Green Story

    Cost breakdown

    Material and manufacturing costs: €83.40

    Logistics and packaging costs: €4.90

    Gross profit: €61.70 , from which all salary, marketing and tax expenses should be subtracted

    Conscious manufacturing

    We manufacture our garments with organic cotton and recycled polyester in Spain and Portugal, respecting the environment and enhancing their quality and durability.